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Worm Selection choices for Fishing in the UK

Are you a newbie fisherman/wannabe angler? There are so many types of bait out there that you’re probably confused about what to use—everything from plastic to metal lures are available for you to use. However, expert fishermen know that nothing beats making use of live fishing worms. You can buy them at stores such as Leansmount Worms. Or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can dig these fishing worms out yourself. But before you start excavating your backyard for bait, you just have to be sure that when you select worms to be used for fishing that you have taken into consideration the season you plan on using these worms. Remember as well as the location and appetite of the fishes you intend to catch.

If you are hunting down a striped bass, then your best option for bait would have to be a bloodworm. You have to remember that the best time for fishing for striped bass is during spring. Bloodworms are also known to work well for weakfish, winter flounder, kingfish, and porgies. This type of worm is quite thin and comes in a deep burgundy color. It can grow anywhere from two to 18 inches. If you decide to use a bloodworm, make sure to keep it in a refrigerator. You have to be careful when catching or using bloodworms though because they have a tendency to bite.

Another popular fishing worm is the Canadian Nightcrawler or lob worm. This one features tough skin and has the ability to live for a long period of time if you keep it refrigerated this segmented worm with a dull red color is usually three to four inches in length. The good thing about lob worms is they can work with different fishes in various sizes but they particularly good bait for large salmon and eels.

If those still don’t appeal to you, another popular choice to be used as fishing worm has to be the dendrobaena worm. If you can’t pronounce that, it’s dendros for short. This type of fishing worm is red or brown in color and is known to stay alive even if you don’t refrigerate it. They might even work if it is a bit hot. However, it can’t be any more than 18 degrees, though. Dendros can be used all year round if you buy them from reputable shops.