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How to easily install a solid wooden worktop

Among various type of investments, there are still so many people who become interested in making solid wood worktop investment. If you’re also the one, you can follow this instruction to install the worktop by yourself.

Fixing kit: usually after a purchase completed, most suppliers will offer their customer with a fixing kit. This kit includes almost everything you need to install the worktop, such as bolts, spacers, strips, and everything you need. It is also why you need to ask the manufacturer if they don’t have any policy in offering this kit which means you will be the one who provide all the installation stuffs. Not everyone is an expert in this field, it is why you need to check the kit and make sure that everything you need has been included in the kit. Your need may varies on different purposes, but at least you will need the basics such as bolts, foil sheets, strips etc.

Cutouts: this is the one that everyone should remember when installing wooden worktop by themselves. There should be enough space for the wood to expand. If we following the standard, then we should create a 5-mm space especially for big stuffs and 2mm smaller for small stuffs. Please note that you need to use Danish oil before completing the fitting to treat your cutouts. A ¼ cm distance is also very important to be remembered when installing a cutout. Measure it from the edge of the worktop. The purpose is to increase the stability and strength of the installed one. In order to protect the worktop from overheat, you may need to cover the wood with tape or foil.

Checks: in every installation, checking all the stuff is the most important thing that everyone should always do, including in installing a wooden worktop. Ensure that you have leveled all the appliances, especially before you move on.

Fixing the worktop: screw the worktop to the cabinets to do this. Additional support brackets may be needed if you have open top cabinets.

Joining worktops: use jointing bolts for this purpose. You can do this by drilling holes in the place where you will fasten the bolts. Please remember that you should put the jointing strip in the correct place as well as the jointing bolts. You should have this done before any sealer applied and bolts tightened.

Now, after completing the instructions, you will have your wooden worktops in place. You may need to spare some of your leisure times in a week to oil the worktop, just to make sure that everything will run well.