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IT Support – Do you outsource, hire or contract out

The level and functionality of IT Support services required mainly depends on the size and requirements of the company, this article will give helpful advice and things to consider when making the decision to have your IT resource in-house, or sub-contract out to an external provider.

Generally large national and international companies will have a staff base upwards of at least 50, in some case hundreds working both in their offices across the country or world, as well as working remotely in site locations.  For these types of businesses it makes sense both financially and efficiency to have an in-house dedicated resource.

IT support is an important asset to any successful business, with the digital age taking a firm grip on so many aspects of society, quality IT support services are even more crucial to a modern business.  Imagine if your business experiences a fairly long period of downtime, your customers will not be able to utilise your services, they will not be able to access your website or speak to a helpful member of staff. It is likely that this will then lead them to be sceptical of your company and having obvious, negative implications for the business. By using a dedicated IT support company you can ensure that you minimise, if not eradicate, any periods of technological downtime, and therefore strengthen your customer relations. The efficiency of your technological infrastructure reflects how professional your business is perceived to be.

For small to medium sized businesses that cannot afford a dedicated in-house team, outsourcing  their IT support needs is critical to enjoy efficient systems without hassle cost-effectively.

The primary benefit of outsourcing your support needs is improved IT cost management, and the savings in time and money that you can realize by doing so. Whether you decide on a managed service contract or ad hoc services, outsourcing enables you to avoid a large cash outlay when something goes wrong. Speedy service is another benefit, as is having help a phone call away when problems occur.

Under a service contract, IT support in Sheffield companies monitor the server on a regular basis, running diagnostic software from a remote location to identify and address any problems proactively before they affect your system. An IT cost management contract covers all regular maintenance tasks such as security and software updates, data backup, and the provision of first-level support for your staff using phone, email and remote access.

The advantages to outsourcing are abundant, especially with regards to IT cost management.  A potential negative to consider would be accessibility to services, such as an external contractor needing unrestricted access to your premises, therefore regular face to face meetings, and a strong relationship and trust in your provider is essential.  As a small or medium sized business owner, outsourcing your computer support can only benefit you in terms of your IT cost management, improved efficiencies and increased productivity for your staff.

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