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Infusing Your Life With Essential Oils

What makes an essential oil? There are dozens, and I won’t bore you by listing off every single one. I will, however, note the ones that are most popular!

  • Basil oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Coffee (!!!)
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Ginger oil
  • Jasmine oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Lime
  • Nutmeg
  • Peppermint oil
  • Rose oil
  • Sage oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Vanilla oil

That was still a pretty long list, and to think there are so many more! You’ll note that I put a few exclamation points beside the mention of coffee, and this is for a very good reason. People usually don’t know that coffee beans can produce oil. The oil smells like your typical cup of coffee, but can be burned like incense, filling the whole room with the scent. It has been used in the past for combating depression, stings, fevers and general nausea.

Speaking of burning, did you know that you can burn most oils and it will be cheaper than one of those five dollar Glade gimmicks? This can be achieved in two ways: You can use an oil burner or the oven. It is actually remarkably easy to do. If you have an oil burner, you plug it into a socket, pour in some oil, and it will heat it and fill the room with a deep, relaxing smell.

The same steps apply for the oven. Fill an oven safe bowl with a little bit of oil, place it inside, and heat it. You will find that the smell travels through your whole house within ten to fifteen minutes. Many people opt for the oil burner and this is understandable as it is its own device and lasts much longer. You can use lavender, rose, vanilla, lemon, coffee and a few other oils for this. It is up to you and your personal preferences. I have used lemon oil in the past and was very satisfied with the results, along with a special oil packet sold at a booth that claimed it smelled like apples. It didn’t, but it did smell nice!

There’s no way I can really detail how you can use each and every single essential oil. Really, I could go on for hours with the different things you can do. Instead, I’ll set you on the right path and provide a basic list of the things you can do. You can choose yourself what you want to pursue knowing more about, and I can walk away knowing I opened a whole new world for you. This sounds fair and like a win to me!

You can use essential oils for…

  • Air freshening (See, I explained this one!)
  • Bathing – Pour some into your bath tonight. You will not regret the scent. Incorporate warm lighting with some candles and you’ve got yourself a relaxation spa in your own bathroom.
  • Facial creams and body lotions – This is straight forward. It makes you smell nice and oils can really clear up your face. I’ve personally handled a backne problem with a lavender oil sponge.
  • Floral waters – This can be nice for your baths!
  • Foot and hand baths – Self explanatory, I need not woo you with this one.
  • Hair care – Our hair loves oil! It can really add a slick layer to your hair if you include it with your shampoo or conditioner. Don’t use too much! Two or three drops is more than enough.
  • Massage – Nothing quite like having a massage when everything smells of roses.
  • Soap Making – Making Soap from soap base and oils
  • Saunas – Hey, you’re sweating anyways. Might as well sweat and smell something nice while you’re at it (not to mention that some oils have health benefits!)

Go. Go and discover the wonders of essential oils. Your life will thank you for it. I promise that! You can even find me and drown me in a bath of lavender oil if not. Now that’s a promise worth believing in.